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Official Website - Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is Haryana's largest animal welfare organization (NGO) with a statewide network of hundreds members. With Sh. R.S.Verma as our chairperson, we undertake animal rescue and rehabilitation work across the state. It is our aim to set up animal welfare centers in every part of Haryana. 850-900 Cruelty case Register/FIR by SPCAHaryana's members since last 10 years.


Radhey Shyam Verma
Chairman, S.P.C.A. Haryana
Ex. Honrary Animal Welfare Officer, Animal Welfare Board of India,  Govt. of India

Madan Verma
General Secretary,
S.P.C.A. Haryana
Master Trainer,
Animal Welfare Board of India, Govt. of India
Editor: Good Haryana (Weekly)

What should I do if I see animal abuse?

If you witness animal abuse, it is your responsibility to report it to the police (Dial 100 ) or to SPCA Haryana (#9896578710) immediately.  There are laws against cruelty to animals in India.








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